How Baseballs and Lightbulbs Can Help with Portion Control

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, our serving sizes and serving plates have grown to mythic proportions. And since many of us were taught to “clean our plates” we are eating far more than we need at most meals. Several  studies have been conducted that demonstrate that we will eat until our plate or bowl is empty, rather than until we are full.

There are some steps you can take to battle the supersizing phenomenon. For many of us it is much easier to visualize a serving size by comparing it to an everyday object rather than to a measuring cup or scale. To that end, WebMd has an interactive tool that allows you to see several food items from each of the major food groups displayed on a plate and compared side-by-side with an object that represents a portion size. For example, a cup of vegetables is roughly the equivalent of a baseball. Or, a piece of fish is approximately the size of a checkbook.

You can check it out here on WebMd: Portion Size Plate

There is also a pocket-size version you can print and keep in your wallet and a larger one you can post on your frig.

WebMd also recommends using smaller plates, dishing your food directly from the stove (not leaving serving bowls, platters, etc. on the table) and taking advantage of doggie bags. With the supersize portions at many restaurants you can now get lunch and dinner for the price of one. You can find more information on portion control at: Avoid Portion Distortion.


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  • Well, this post sure range true. Portions increased – but hey, have you seen the size of these kids today? Not talking over weight issues – but just the sheer height and maturity at such earlier ages!

    I go to the high school football games and have to address the sophomores as sir! LOL …

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